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Simple Design Lapel Pins with Simple Designs

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Best Life Ever Lapel Pins

5/8" wide x 1" Tall

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 15 Colors Available in English and Spanish

Tetragrammaton Lapel Pins

Available in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, White, Black, Antique Silver, and Antique Bronze in Round or Square Shape

Sound Car Lapel Pin

Sound Car available in 4 Colors

Black, Silver, Antique Brass, and Rose Gold

Best Life Ever English Lapel Pins for Je

DON'T GIVE UP Lapel Pins

1" Square Lapel Pin Design available in 14 Colors.

English and Spanish

Tetragrammaton Lapel Pins for Jehovah's

Tower Lapel Pins

3/4 Round Shape

Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Antique Bronze

Purple Triangle Lapel Pin

LDC Lapel Pin

Sisters or Brothers LDC Version ASL Lapel Pins

Color Packs of 3/4" Inch Packs

Brooklyn Bethel Lapel Pin

1" x 1" in size

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JW Butterfly Lapel Pin

1 inch x 5/8 size

Pioneer Service School.  

1" Square Lapel Pin 

Available in Black, Blue, and Pink.  

English or Spanish Language.

LDC Safety Vest Lapel Pin

Orange, Pink, Blue, and Purple

LDC Safety Vest Lapel Pins for Jehovahs BSL Lapel Pins

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Color Packs of 3/4" Inch Packs

 Disaster Relief Lapel Pins or DRC Transportation Lapel Pin or LDC Safety Vest Lapel Pins

DRC Meal Service Lapel Pin, DRC Housing Lapel Pin, or DRC Forklift Lapel Pin

Love Never Fails! and Be Bold! & Be Strong!

Lapel Pin Design in 15 Colors Available in English and Spanish

Love Never Fails Lapel Pins for Jehovah'
Be Bold and Be Strong Lapel Pins For Jeh

Love Jehovah with all your Heart! &

Love Builds Up Lapel Pins

Love Jehovah Lapel Pins 16 Colors for Je
Love Builds Up Lapel Pin for Jehovahs Wi

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