2019 International Convention Lapel Pins

Convention locations Listed Below.

South Africa, Buenos Aires, Ecuador, Houston, Miami, Phoenix, St Louis, Toronto, Philippines, Seoul Korea, Athens, Berlin, Copenhagen, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Netherlands, Poland, and Australia Available in English

Buenos Aires, Brasil, Madrid, Lisbon, Houston, Miami, and Ecuador Locations Available in Spanish. 

Paris Location Available in French. 

All 2019 International Convention Lapel Pins are 1 inch square with except Poland.  Poland is 1.25 inch square because of detail in the design.

Locations can be mixed if desired.  If want to mix different locations please enter instructions in box after clicking on desired quantity below. 

Sold out Locations Below

International Convention Pins May Sell Out as Each Convention Date get Closer or is Over

Atlanta (English) 

Mexico (Spanish)

 Mexico (English) 

Brazil (English)

Buenos Aires (English) in Larger Packs over 4 count

2019 International Convention ofJhovah's Witnesses Lapel Pins
Paris France International Convention of

French Language of Paris shown above

2019 International Convention Lapel Pins

Buenos Aires, Brasil, Spain, Lisbon, Houston, Miami, and Ecuador Locations Available in Spanish. 

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Locations can be mixed together in same qty pack.  

Please enter instructions in instruction box if you want a mixture of  

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